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The PADI Computer Diver course

COURSE PRICE & DURATION: $139 / 1 Day PREREQUISITES: PADI Scuba  Diver certification 10 years of age COURSE CONTENTS: Classroom Presentations Computer Use Drills Open Water Drills EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Dive computer REQUIRED TEXTS: Dive computer user manual LINKS: Medical questionnaire (pdf)
Every diver should use his/her dive computer to control their depth, time, ascent and safety stop on every dive. Do you know all the features of your dive computer? Do you know what your dive computer is telling you? Do you know if your dive alarms are set correctly? Can you optimize your computer settings?  
The Fun Part

Take our Computer Diver distinctive specialty course and learn why a dive computer should be your first piece of dive gear. Become comfortable setting and using your computer. Learn how dive computers extend your available time underwater. Become dive computer proficient.

What You Learn
  • How dive computers make your diving easier and better,
  • The different models computers use in determining your nitrogen loading,
  • Rules for safe computer use,
  • How to access information on your computer,
  • How to set warning signals for depth, elapsed dive time, turn pressure and low air,
  • What to do if your computer stops giving you information,
  • How to change your computer battery

The Scuba Gear You Use

You use your dive computer.

The Learning Materials You Need

You will need your user manual for your dive computer.


The PADI Computer Diver course is available to all scuba divers.