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Drysuit Flex Ring System

Equipment Mike 04 Dec, 2019

This is the ring system that is installed on the wrists of the SCUBAPRO Evertech Dry Breathable Drysuit.  

Manual movie for SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring Modular Quick Change Solution from SI TECH in Sweden. . The design provides superb comfort and is able to be mounted in a great range of garments. The system has a circular shape, so there is no need of indexation/orientation during installation. SLÄGGÖ Flex Ring can be used with both silicone and latex wrist seals. A broken seal can be changed on the dive site in a couple of minutes – without tools or gluing. No risk of losing a dive or outdoor activity due to broken seal! It is also possible to change size and/or type of wrist seal in order to adapt the suit to different persons or activities.

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