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Scubapro Regulators

Equipment Mike 24 May, 2019

Why get a SCUBAPRO Regulator?



Offering 50 years of technical excellence, because deep down you want the best. The best thing you can do to increase your comfort and confidence under water, beyond continually going diving, is to own your own dive gear. And there’s no better place to start than to purchase a reliable regulator, the core of your life support system. Regulators come in piston or diaphragm designs, some have environmental kits, others offer second stage user adjustments plus additional features and functions. But tops on any need-to-have list is superb breathing performance, and of that you can always be guaranteed when you buy SCUBAPRO.

 SCUBAPRO is a company of divers, dedicated to divers.

Founded in 1963 by two of scuba diving’s foremost diving pioneers, SCUBAPRO is the premier manufacturer of scuba diving equipment. SCUBAPRO employs over 400 people in 17 locations spread over 13 countries and four continents. At least half of all SCUBAPRO employees are divers (in several countries over 80 percent are divers), and over a third are instructors. SCUBAPRO is famous for cutting-edge engineering. SCUBAPRO is no johnny-come-lately equipment company. It has played a major role in the development of sport diving for over 50 years by providing divers with quality gear that makes diving safer and more fun. Here are just a few SCUBAPRO milestones:

• In 1963 SCUBAPRO released the MK2, known as the most dependable first stage in the world. The design was such a success that it is still in production today. To date, more than 700,000 units have been sold worldwide.

• The MK5, introduced in 1965, was the first air-balanced flow-through piston reg on the market, offering 25 percent higher performance than any other first stage of the time.

• The first alternate inflator regulator integrating the BC inflator with a second stage was SCUBAPRO’s AIR2. Introduced in 1979, it is currently in its fifth generation and is still widely used today. More than 400,000 AIR2s have been sold worldwide since their initial release.

• In1985, the first second stage to feature an adjustable balanced valve was introduced. Called the Balanced Adjustable, it offered a much better breathing experience at all depths.

• The G250, introduced in 1986 and available today as the G260, is the most copied second stage design of all time. It was also the first regulator to introduce an adjustable VIVA (Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist).

• In1996, SCUBAPRO’s MK20 TIS became the top performing regulator in the entire dive industry.

• The S600, unveiled in 2001 became SCUBAPRO’s best-selling second stage, and is still characterized by its compact size, light weight and the copious amount of air it provides the diver with each breath. More than 300,000 S600s have been sold worldwide.

• The MK25 hit the market in 2002 and quickly became the most powerful and popular first stage in diving. Teamed with the S600, it still outperforms all comers in independent tests. (In 2013, the MK25 set an amazing world record when 135 divers simultaneously breathed from just one out-of- he-box MK25 first stage.)

 • In 2009, the return of an all-metal second stage design occurred with the A700, which was targeted for extremely high performance and cold water diving. It is fully hand welded and polished, achieving the quality and finish of a piece of art.

• The MK21 is the first new balanced-piston first stage since the MK25. Introduced in 2013, it is compact in size, uses a smaller piston yet delivers a high level of breathing performance.

• In 2015, the introduction of the Extended Thermal Insulating System, as well as the other freeze inhibiting internal components and coatings, transformed the MK25 Evo into diving’s premiere high performance cold-water reg.

SCUBAPRO regs undergo a rigorous factory/design process. A high tech product requires a long and painstaking process of design and testing before it can be manufactured and used by scuba divers. Each SCUBAPRO regulator prototype is engineered and assembled in the company’s R&D laboratory, and then put through intensive testing. The first phase utilizes a sophisticated ANSTI breathing machine to monitor performance when subjected to a series of simulated diving conditions. From there the prototype undergoes pool and ocean testing by a team of expert test divers. This test diving is performed in different environments, in locations all over the world, exposing the prototype to conditions ranging from tropical to ice diving. While this open water testing is being conducted, all mechanical components undergo long cycles of stress testing to identify problems that may arise as a result of heavy use. This exhaustive test regimen is part of the internal validation process that’s mandatory for SCUBAPRO products. Only after aprototype successfully completes this testing process is it deemed ready to go into production.

All SCUBAPRO regulators are fully made in Italy, where they are engineered, manufactured, assembled and tested by top professionals. Parts are made of premium materials and go through the most severe quality control process. To date, more than three million regulators have been produced in SCUBAPRO’s Italy Factory.

SCUBAPRO regs meet and exceed all industry certifications. All SCUBAPRO regulators have earned a CE certification issued by RINA, the Italian certification board. Referred to as the European conformance standard EN250:2014 certification, it is currently the world’s dominant testing authority on regulator performance. But SCUBAPRO goes even further with its in-house testing. Extensive machine examinations are conducted on each regulator, incorporating stringent cold water tests, salt fog resistance tests, airflow performance control and more, all guaranteeing reliable performance and long-term corrosion resistance.

SCUBAPRO regs are used by militaries and public service agencies the world over. In 1969, SCUBAPRO produced the first true ‘military’ regulator. Since then, SCUBAPRO engineers have designed and developed a number of product lines geared specifically to military, police and special forces, along with other public safety organizations throughout the world. Core products can also be customized to meet specific requirements of military and public safety teams.

SCUBAPRO has years of experience in the military and public safety sector, and fully understands the importance of bidding processes, service requirements, spare part longevity and availability, technical training seminars, purchasing and delivery specifications. A multitude of SCUBAPRO products have been accorded NATO numbers; a complete list of NSN numbers is available.

There’s a SCUBAPRO reg to meet every diving challenge. SCUBAPRO offers two air balanced flow-through piston first stages—the MK25 in both Evo and standard versions, and the compact MK21; two balanced diaphragm first stages—the environmentally sealed MK17 and the MK11, and one downstream piston first stage, the classic MK2 Plus. To complete the systems, SCUBAPRO offers a choice of five air-balanced valve and one classic downstream valve second stages. You can mix and match to create the perfect regulator system for every diver and every diving scenario, from casual recreational and travel diving to cold-water, deep-water and technical diving. All SCUBAPRO regs feature full CE cold-water certification without the need for any specific additional anti-freeze kits. Each SCUBAPRO first stage can be coupled with each second stage, and all first stages are available with 300bar DIN connections. These features are actual pluses, since no other company offers such a wide array of potential combinations.

There’s a SCUBAPRO reg to fit any budget. No matter how thick your wallet, you can be the proud owner of a quality SCUBAPRO reg. From reliable keep-it-simple reg systems to full-featured rigs with air balancing, cold-water capability and user adjustments, there’s a SCUBAPRO reg to fit any budget. The most important thing to know is, no matter which reg you choose, you’re guaranteed smooth and easy air delivery and long-term reliability, because all SCUBAPRO regulators have long-standing performance track records.

SCUBAPRO regs are proven performers. For the past twenty years, since the advent of the scuba diving industry’s first independent regulator tests, SCUBAPRO regs have been rated tops for breathing performance. In breathing machine tests and in-water ergonomic evaluations conducted by experienced divers, SCUBAPRO regs have consistently generated a reliable, low-effort delivery of air, no matter how hard they’re being breathed, how deep they’re dived, or what their pressure gauges read. In fact, it is not uncommon to see SCUBAPRO regs outperforming other regulator brands that cost twice as much.

SCUBAPRO regs have a stellar reputation among divers. After fifty years of providing the best regulators on the market, the SCUBAPRO brand has earned an enviable reputation for performance and reliability. Proof of this can be seen on dive boats, at dive resorts, and in waters the world over. SCUBAPRO regs are everywhere, and that’s no accident.

SCUBAPRO regs offer one of the best warranty/service plans. SCUBAPRO regulators are built rugged, and because of that they are virtually trouble-free. That’s why they carry a 24-month/100-dive service interval, and that’s why every SCUBAPRO regulator purchased through an Authorized Dealer is covered by a lifetime worldwide warranty. SCUBAPRO is a brand divers trust and own with pride.

From its inception, SCUBAPRO has been a different kind of dive company. Thanks to its vast network of exceptional dealers you can find SCUBAPRO products and reliable servicing anywhere in the world. SCUBAPRO is all about professionalism, and that’s why its regs are appreciated and respected by divers who own SCUBAPRO products with pride.


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