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Instructor Trainer Ambassador

Education Mike 19 Apr, 2019

Our very own Mike Poggione is a SDI Instructor Trainer Ambassador.   Cool.

Check out his pfrofile page here: https://www.tdisdi.com/sdi-instructor-trainer-ambassador/mike-poggione/



What is an SDI Instructor Trainer Ambassador?

Every sport has their teachers, mentors, and councilors.  They are the ones that go the extra distance, put in the extra time, and in general are the ones other professionals look up to.  The SDI Instructor Trainer Ambassador program was put together to recognize and identify these dive professionals for the work they have done each and every year.   

They are ambassadors of the sport of diving who positively influence the sport of scuba diving by exemplifying qualities such having high standards for all of their courses.  They receive excellent student survey course reports from the people who have taken training from them. They are environmentally conscious in the pursuit of protecting our Ocean, lakes, and rivers.  Above all, they are professional, patient educators.

Who are they and how do I identify them?

These are Instructor Trainers that have an exceptional amount of experience in crossovers as well as generating new Instructors at various levels.  All Instructor Trainers must have been Instructor Trainers for a min of 1 year before qualifying to be an Instructor Trainer Ambassador. Click below to learn about each of our Instructor Trainer Ambassadors. 

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