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Diving Galapagos

Motor City Dives the Galapagos Islands By George Garcia June 27 – The Motor City Sixteen leave for Quito on Delta (with two of us flying from LA on Lan Airlines). We change planes in Atlanta, wait for extremely severe storms to pass, and play […]

Improve Your Air Consumption

Tips to Save Air When Diving 1. Stay Warm If you dive uninsulated, you’re heating the lake or ocean with your body, which increases your metabolism and oxygen-burn rates. Experiment with different amounts of protection. You want to stay warm during the dive but not […]

Sea Lion Hitches A Ride On A Turtle

A baby sea lion hops on a sea turtle's back for a ride in the Galápagos Islands. Do not try this at home! Use Uber instead.

Sea Turtle Nesting At Nat Geo

Who doesn't love the cuddly sea turtles? In this Nat Geo video, Olive Ridley sea turtles come ashore in the annual mass-nesting event called an "arribada." Turtle eggs are under threat even while they are being laid. It's a struggle of nature to get enough hatchlings, […]

From Divers Alert Network: Keep Your Ears Clean For Diving Safety

Keeping It Clean: Reasons for Good Aural Hygiene By Cameron A. Gillespie, M.D.Consultant to Divers Alert Network We can all agree that, before a dive, clean ear canals with normally equalizing middle ears is ideal. But what about the ears that need cleaning? They can […]